Friday, August 17, 2012

A Field For The Fatherless

An inspiring local family who has adopted two of their own children felt led to donate this year's proceeds from their blueberry field to the four "Project 5x7" families that are adopting from lnd!a. We are so grateful and humbled that they chose to share the fruits of their field with us to bring us one step closer to being the forever family to our orphaned children. Turntime U-Pick Blueberries is located in Ellerslie, GA. After a beautiful drive through the countryside, we spent a peaceful morning picking the most delicious blueberries. I could feel the presence of God in the field. As I picked berries, I spent time praying for the precious lives posted on the board that would benefit from the generosity of this sweet family. The Lord abundantly blessed the blueberry field this year, and we received more money than expected. Furthermore, it was placed in our matching grant account, so the money was doubled. What a blessing! It is amazing to watch God provide! Read the story behind A Field For The Fatherless... The Collected Hord.

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