Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Last Hours In Delhi and Homeward Bound!

Today was Election Day and lots of voting booths and swat teams could be seen around town.  Because of voting, all shops were closed down except one mall in Gurgeon about 45 minutes away.  
We took a cab down to the mall to see what souvenirs we might be able to pick up.  Most of the stores were chain stores that we would see in America, but we were able to find some cricket bats for Ajay and a Barbie for Smita.  The intention was to purchase an Indian Barbie for her, but she was adamant that she wanted the blond Barbie, not the brown one.  
Ajay and Smita tried their first McDonald's ice cream cone in the mall.  Not a drip from Smita, but as soon as we got back in the cab, Ajay bit off the bottom of his cone which made ice cream squirt out from both ends.  Jeff had to think fast and toss it out the window!  
Since it was our last day at the hotel, the kids had to pose with the elephants at the entrance.
Jeff went up to the roof to watch the sunset over New Delhi...
We took the kids to the pool one last time tonight.  It was super windy and cold up there, but the water felt like a warm bath.  Smita did not want to get into the water tonight due to the chilly air.  We got in with Ajay, but he was very apprehensive about the water tonight.  We lasted all of five minutes before we were out of there!  It was too cold to hang out if no one was having fun.

Ajay saw the photo of his sister's crazy bathtub hair last night, and he wanted to show his fun side, too.  He did this to his hair then begged for me to take a photograph.  Cute!
The kids are now in bed asleep.  Jeff and I are packing suitcases.  We will catch a couple of hours of sleep, then head to the airport a little after midnight to catch a 3 AM flight.  Delhi--Amsterdam--Atlanta.  We land in Atlanta on Thursday afternoon.  We can't wait to have our family of six all together under one roof!  Please keep us in your prayers as we travel for well over 24 hours with these two cuties.  I can't imagine how Ajay is going to be able to sit still that long!   By the way, we had no tears today, and Ajay has gone two days without making rude hand gestures.  I guess Jeff's "NOOOOO" did the trick!  

Catch up with y'all when we land in America!  When we touch down in Atlanta, Ajay and Smita Carroll will officially be U.S. Citizens!  


  1. Safely get home!!! I prayed this morning, but don't know what time it was for you. God will get you home and then on to figuring out the life of 4 kids! I pray that they will know that GOD is with them and loves them so very much. That He perfectly orchestrated this adoption for you all!

  2. Praying for a safe trip home - thanks for sharing so much about your trip. It will help with ours next month.. if our court order will every arrive!