Thursday, March 6, 2014

More FUN Firsts--Snow, Beach, Party, and More!!!

 First time seeing SNOW, playing in SNOW, and SLEDDING!!!

First Snowman!

First Trip To The BEACH!!!  

Given that the kids' first snowfall and first beach trip happened within days of each other, they were very confused!  They kept referring to the sand as "snow!"  They kept trying to gather the sand up and mold it into a snowballs to throw!  Ajay even laid down in the sand to make a snow angel.  It was hilarious!  They enjoyed the feel of the sand and showed no signs of sensory or tactile issues.  They were very intimated but intrigued by the ocean waves.  They were a little uncoordinated in the sand and fell down frequently, especially when running from the approaching waves.  Toward the end of our trip, they were brave enough to fill their buckets with water.  They are looking forward to warmer weather this spring and summer so that they can swim and play in the water!  I think they are going to love the beach as much as the rest of us!
 Big sisters teach how to build sandcastles...

 "Snow Angel" in the sand!

 Granddaddy demonstrates how to feed the seagulls!
Playing at the shopping center... He's so small he looks like one of the toddlers!

 Feeding the gulls again!
 First time at Waffle House...
 First time visiting a library!
 First time visiting the doggie store.
 First time attending a birthday party!  Princess Costume Party!
  First time spending a weekend at Memommy and Granddaddy's House!  
Mommy stayed too, of course.
 First time attending a beauty pageant and showing support for big sister!  
The kids got to meet the high school princess!
 We were all very proud of big sister!
Ajay and Smita are starting to recognize and appreciate the importance and love of Family!

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