Friday, September 14, 2012

Both Hands Project Letter Stuffing Party

Our official Both Hands Project Letter Stuffing Party was held after church last Sunday, September 9th. Papa John's Pizza graciously provided lunch for us and a sweet friend, Mary Ann, made some awesome cupcakes for dessert! The purpose of Both Hand's letter stuffing parties is for all volunteers who will be working on the widow's home to send out letters to raise sponsorship like one would do in a 5K race or golf-for-charity event. However, instead of running or golfing, the volunteers will be working on a widow's home. The goal is for the adoptive family to mail out at least 300 letters and for each volunteer worker to mail out 25-50 letters. Because we are adopting two children and need to raise at least $40,000 more in order to complete our adoption, we have to be even more ambitious than the average project to reach our goal. Since all of the materials will be donated by local merchants, 100% of the funds raised will go toward the adoption of two children... One hand for the widow; one hand for the orphans. We were expecting a HUGE turnout to our Letter Stuffing Party, but only our care group leaders and two others showed up. We had printed 1000 letters for the event. It was a bit heartbreaking to go home with eight uneaten pizzas and most of our letters unsent. We are praying that volunteers come forward with willing hearts to send these letters out to their contacts. We are seeing God use this project in amazing ways already at the widow's home...God tells us that His heart is burdened for both the widows and orphans. We KNOW that He called us to take on this project, so we are trusting that He will honor and reward our efforts. We KNOW that His heart is burdened for our orphans, A and S, and that He will provide for their homecoming. It is all for His honor and glory. He will have to make it happen...and that's the beauty of it all!

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