Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Truth Radio 88.5

Now is the time for media and press releases! House of Heroes arranged for us to do a brief radio interview with 88.5, The Truth, to discuss our adoption, the partnership of Both Hands and House Of Heroes on our project, and ways in which people can volunteer/donate! The interview was originally scheduled for Tuesday morning, but when we arrived, the entire block and surrounding area had no electricity. The station was shut down. This was not completely surprising...It seems like every time we try to share our story, there is a roadblock. Fortunately, we were rescheduled for today--Wednesday. Susan from House of Heroes was supposed to join us, but came down with a sickness, so Kelly from HOH filled in. She did an awesome job! The interview was prerecorded and will be aired tomorrow morning between 7:30-8:00. We were able to share more than I had anticipated.
I got the best text from a friend who has been working by my side day by day on this project: "I'm praying for you and your interview right now, good luck. May the Holy Spirit speak through you, guiding your words, so that others might become involved in worldwide adoptions. Bringing Glory to God." Awesome! It made my day to know that someone out there is covering us in prayer! We are so grateful to The Truth for giving us a platform to share what God is doing in our lives! Thank you to those who prayed for us this morning. Please continue to pray that lots of people will be listening tomorrow morning and that God will use what we said for His Glory. Tune into 88.5 or listen to the live stream here.

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