Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Applying For Travel Visas

We've been hearing word that the new agency (BLS) in charge of issuing travel visas is very slooooowwww. We decided to go ahead and get the application process underway so that if we are delayed, it's not due to something that was in our hands to initiate. There is a new lnd!an Consulate in Atlanta, so our original plan was to schedule a walk-in appointment for our applications to speed up the process. However, they were not taking appointments for a couple weeks out. In the end, we decided to mail our applications to the consulate to get the process underway. The packages were officially mailed off on October 2nd. If things do not progress in a timely manner, we can always drive up there to put some pressure on them. Once they open the packages and get us logged in, we should be able to track our progress online. The application paperwork was quite confusing. We decided to go with the five year tourist visa, because the ten year visa was not showing up for us. Hopefully they are not sticklers for the rules because Jeff was photographed wearing a white shirt on a white background which was a no-no, and one of my ears is covered by my hair. Rules, rules, rules. The scariest part is that we are separated from our passports during this process. Hurry up travel visas!

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