Friday, October 18, 2013


"Disposed" sounds like an awful word, but when your case is in lnd!an court, it's a cause for CELEBRATION!!!

Our "fourth" and final hearing was held on October 15th. We were the fifth out of five cases scheduled to be heard that day. The website updated around 4 PM Eastern time and our renewed status stated DISPOSED which means we PASSED COURT!!! Our adoption is FINAL!!! This was very unexpected because I had been told that the judge would not be hearing any cases this week due to training. We had also been warned that our case may have to start completely over due to a new judge taking over our case. I expected the website to update with yet another hearing scheduled for us. Although we had four listed hearings, it is very likely that one hearing date never happened due to bad weather. An hour before the website updated, I felt very anxious. I had spent the morning watching the new videos of the children. It was very clear based on Ajay's questions and body language that he is SO READY to come home to a family. The longer the wait drags on, the more I fear his heart will be broken. But thank God for the answered prayer of passing court! We are now looking at a four week wait before travel...potentially. It usually takes about two weeks for the written court orders to be received by the orphanage, then two more weeks for the children's lnd!an passports to be issued. After that, we will be approved for travel! God is so faithful!

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