Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Written Court Orders!

We received the surprise of our written court orders today in our email inbox! We are so excited and thankful that the orphanage can now apply for our children's lnd!an passports! Once the passports are issued, we will be permitted to travel to get our children! The end (which is really the beginning) is in sight...AT LAST!!!

I sat in tears as I read the court orders. The nine-page court document recounts the journey that has brought our path in the U.S. and our children's path in lnd!a to a crossroads. It tells of their abandonment and destitution. It states what is known and not known of their biological parents. It tells about our marital history, our current life, our status in society, our house, our biological children, our desire for more children through adoption. It lists 49 specific documents that we submitted through our dossier and the hoops we jumped through to be deemed worthy to adopt children. And for our dear friends who wrote letters of recommendation for us--your names are mentioned in the court order, too! In one of the paragraphs, the document states these sweet words: "If the said children Ajay and Smita are given in adoption to the applicants Nos. 1 and 2, then they will get parental love, warmth, affection, and better future and accommodation also. The said children will be taken care of by the applicants as if it being their biological children, they will get better education and their future will be bright." I can't wait to give them the love of a family and a bright future!!!

While waiting outside for Ansley's bus to arrive, my thoughts turned to Ajay and Smita's biological parents. Oh to have a glimpse of the mother and father that created two of the most beautiful children I have ever seen... What hardships and sorrows must these parents have faced in their lifetime to bring them to the point of abandoning their children? My heart breaks for them. I do not judge. I pray that God will put a supernatural peace in their hearts in regard to these two children. May they somehow know that their babies are loved and cherished. I praise God for the blessing of two new children into our family and thank Him in advance for equipping us with the tools we will need to restore our children from any heartbreak or sorrow that they have experienced. Please pray for all six of our hearts as we prepare to meet each other and join together as family!

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