Monday, September 16, 2013

Special Delivery!

Our friends have passed court and will be traveling very soon to pick up their daughter at the orphanage! They have offered to deliver gifts to our children from us and to take more photos of the children! It has been eight months since we have gotten photos! Unless someone hand-delivers packages to the orphanage, it is almost impossible to get gifts to our children due to the high cost of taxes. It will be an amazing opportunity and huge blessing to have trusted friends deliver these gifts and meet our children. Also, it will be a step in preparing our children's hearts for when we come for them. We are so excited that someone we know will be stepping foot into the orphanage! There are so many questions that we have, and due to the language barrier, our questions have remained unanswered. My friend and I have both daydreamed of how this meeting will take place. Praying hard that things go according to plan! I quickly created two photo albums for A and S last week when we knew that this opportunity might arise! Also, the girls picked out some hard candy for the children and made them friendship bracelets. We decided that it would be a sweet idea to take a picture of the girls holding the candy so that A and S could see that it was a gift from them. A's photo album busted in half late last night and all the pages fell out. Fortunately, the store reprinted another album within two hours for me. I made a mad rush to Walgreens at 11:30 PM to pick it up. Whew!

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