Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Court News!

I spent Saturday in south GA and brought the IPad along just in case the Parkisons were to FaceTime me again. I was so surprised to hear it ringing while I was visiting with my grandmother. It was so amazing to chat with Kelly from her hotel in India again and for my grandmother to experience some of the excitement. During this conversation, Kelly asked me if my court date had been scheduled. I said no, disappointed. Well, one of the Irish families had just informed her that both Irish families had been scheduled! I had not checked the court website in about 5 days, so Kelly quickly checked for me and happily announced that we had been scheduled for Monday along with the other families! Furthermore, we had been changed to a different court with the same judge that heard Kelly's case! Hooray for a good judge! I laughed and cheered like a maniac! So much excitement!!! How awesome that Kelly was the one to share the good news! Shortly after the chat with Kelly, I received the same good news from the Irish family and our agent! we are expecting this to be the first of three hearings.

Updated Court Website
Daily Cause List-- We are scheduled to be the 20th hearing of the day. The Irish families are #26 and #27.

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