Sunday, September 15, 2013

Remembering While We Wait: February-July 2013 ORPHANS NO MORE!

We are one of four families in Columbus who started the adoption process at basically the same time (all within months of each other) and used the same adoption agency. The other three families had children in the same orphanage and have all recently brought their children home. We are in a different situation in that our children are in a different orphanage in a different state with different requirements and different court systems. These differences have resulted in a very lengthy process due to numerous delays. During our waiting process, we've been able to live vicariously through our friends as they have traveled across the world and returned with their children. We've gained so much information through their experiences during travel and now that they are adjusting to their new lives at home. We are thankful for their openness and transparency as they share both the blessings and trials of adopting children from hard places. Here are the airport photos of their united families! (The bottom photo of my sweet friend meeting her daughter for the first time just melts my heart!)

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