Friday, November 29, 2013

First Night Together

As soon as we got back to the hotel, we skyped with the girls and grandparents!  I can't wait for them to meet in person!  

Then we had our first meal together.  The children had rice, roti, and daal with fruit and juice.  Guess what I found out?  They eat with their hands instead of a fork.  This was not a complete surprise, but they didn't even look at their forks.  I loved watching their hands expertly mix their food and put it into their mouths without dropping a morsel!  They also dip their bread into their juice.  Interesting!  And they also belch really loud just like one of their sisters...I will not name names.  I was very glad that we had our own in-room dining table to deal with all of the newness.  Wish American hotels were like this for such a cheap price!  

After food, we did the needful as they say here... or more like the precautionary shampooing treatment...just in case.  Ajay and Smita wore special shirts created by their youngest "big" sister for just this occasion just in case they needed something cheerful to help the situation.  Fortunately, the kids were pretty clean!  During this bathroom session, I also taught them how to use a western toilet.  They tried to stand on the seat...but thanks to other adoptive moms going before me, I was also not surprised by this.

Both kids slept in our bed.  They went to sleep almost immediately.  Ajay is wrestling with a nagging cough, but it was a rough night for him while Smita slept the whole night soundly.  Ajay woke up at 1 AM and wanted to play.  I got up with him and we played games, looked at photos, and colored.  I quizzed him on the crayolas and he knows all of the colors in English!  I showed him photos of other children at his orphanage who have been matched with American families.  He knew all of them by name!  So exciting!  

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  1. Love these pictures!!! Hilarious that they dip in their juice!