Friday, November 29, 2013

First Views of India

Here are some photos taken on our first trip from the airport to the hotel.  Talk about an adventurous drive!  We loved every minute of it from the crazy weaving in and out of traffic to the monkeys and cows in the street to the symphony of honking horns to the people that you could reach out and touch.
The last part of our drive was saddened when we had our first experience with street children.  A beautiful girl draped herself across the windshield while we were stopped in traffic and began to wash the window.  She moved in slow motion staring right into all of our eyes.  Then she moved around to my window.  At that time a younger girl holding a beautiful baby tapped on the window and motioned for food.  We've been advised never to give money because it only leads to trouble for these children.  We were going to give lollipops, but they were all in the trunk.  It was a sad moment.  So heartbreaking.

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