Friday, November 29, 2013


I am in catch-up and survival mode, so quick update:  We have the children's !ndian passports!  Thank you, God!  We went to the ashram twice today and had a very informative and peaceful time there.   We had some adventures with the kids in a huge mall by the hotel.  Because we now have passports, Jeff was able to book a flight at 10:00 tonight for tomorrow morning.  We head to the airport at 6 AM to fly to Delhi to begin the U.S. Embassy/Visa process to get the kids into the USA.  Our medical appointment at MaxMed is at 3 PM tomorrow.  Thanks for all the prayers, friends.  This is an overwhelming and exhausting experience, but so full of blessings and answered prayers!  We are so thankful.

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  1. Tears stream as I write. I am so filled with love for these two children that I only know through your words and pictures. God is smiling down upon you all. How very exciting that so far all is and has worked through God's perfect timing. Love from your,
    Sister, sister-in-law and new Aunt!