Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Surprise Surprise!!!!

Well, our lives totally exploded on Thanksgiving day!  After arriving at the hotel after 36 hours of travel, we showered, took a nap, then called the director of the orphanage to check on passports.  He told us to be at the passport office in an hour.  We scurried to get ready and to find a driver. He met us over there and we were shocked when the Irish families came around the corner...and then Ajay and Smita!!!  They ran straight into our arms with big hugs and kisses.  There are so many details and stories to tell, but we have been thrust into survival mode.  These kids are so affectionate and full of energy!!!  We went to the orphanage after passport office to do paperwork and take custody of the children.  We return to the orphanage today to hopefully get the passport.  The director said we will have tea, cookies, and a tour!  So thankful!  My blogging leaves much to be desired right now...hope to have time this evening to share more details!


  1. This picture brought tears to my eyes, to see the joy in all your faces is beautiful.